Critter Removal


Raccoons are one of the few wild species that appears to have benefited from contact with humans.  They have adapted remarkably well to life in our cities and towns.  They are found in almost every major habitat in the continental United States.

Raccoons are usually active at night; by day they retire to dens or resting sites. They make their dens above ground in tree cavities, chimneys and attics, as well as underground in old woodchuck burrows, storm sewers, or crawl spaces under buildings.

Raccoons typically give birth to three to five young during early spring to early summer.

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When squirrels invade your home or business, they can cause significant damage. Inside buildings, they tend to chew on wires and destroy insulation in attics and walls. On the outside, they damage siding, gutters and construction gaps by chewing holes for access inside. Occasionally, customers will find the entry point from the outside – the hole where the squirrels are getting into the home – but typically the first signs of a squirrel control situation are the irritating noises they make in the early hours of the morning.

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Opossums are opportunistic omnivores with a very broad range of diet. They cause damage by digging up the roots of plants and getting into garbage cans. They interact with humans when they select brush piles and under decks to make their dens.

For all opossum removal needs, call Indiana Critter Catchers in Greenfield, Indiana.  We have the necessary equipment, training, and experience required to handle all animal removal jobs safely and humanely.  If you are having a opossum problem, do not wait another minute before contacting a professional.  Call 317-855-TRAP (8727) for affordable opossum removal rates.


Beavers are strong, nocturnal and able to cover large areas in a short time. Once a beaver has decided it wants to live in any given stretch of water, it will build a lodge and begin to mark its territory. Beavers will cut any tree but seem to be fond of cherry, dogwood, birch, and pine.

When beavers start building dams, clogging culverts and causing water issues, you’ll have to trap them to get control. If you’ve noticed tree damage or other damage it’s time to call in a professional. Call Indiana Critter Catchers today at 317-855-TRAP (8727).


The muskrat is a rabbit sized aquatic rodent native to North America. It has partially webbed hind feet and small able hand-like front feet with a laterally compressed tail and a waterproof coat.

Muskrats live in wetlands and are very good swimmers. They tend to dig extensive burrow systems in the ground, adjacent to the water, with underwater entrances. The main nuisance brought to you by the muskrat is structural damage to ponds and waterways.

If you know, or suspect, that muskrats are living anywhere near your home, contact Indiana Critter Catchers at 317-855-TRAP (8727).


Coyotes are most active after dusk and before daylight, they are typically seen only at a distance.

In urban and suburban areas some coyotes have adapted to residential neighborhoods and parks. Coyotes thrive in areas where food, water, and shelter are abundant. Once a coyote settles near a suburban area they prey on the abundant rodents, rabbits, birds, house cats, and small dogs that live in residential habitats. They also will feed on household garbage, pet food, and fruits of many gardens.

Coyotes cause damage in a variety of different ways. Coyotes chase and attack pets in suburban areas, chew plastic drip irrigation systems, and kill livestock and other wild animals. Most damage caused by coyotes is not seen as it is happening so heavy reliance must be placed on indirect evidence at the damage site. Signs to look for include, but not limited to, tracks, hair, droppings, or tooth marks on irrigation pipe.

If you suspect a coyote is in your area call Indiana Critter Catchers for help 317-855-TRAP (8727).


Chipmunks are mostly active during the early morning and late afternoon. They are known to dig burrows which are about two inches in diameter without an obvious mound near its entrance. Their entries and exits are often well hidden and located near buildings such as basements, garages and near objects such as wood stumps and wood piles.

Chipmunks are known for devouring garden vegetables, fruits, plants, flower beds, eating from bird feeders and even chewing on electrical lines and pipes. In addition, chipmunks can potentially carry various diseases. They also attract other pests into the equation. Snakes are highly attracted to areas where chipmunks are populated. Moreover, their burrows weaken your home making it more susceptible for termite infestations. Not only can chipmunks cause problem outdoors but also indoors. Chipmunks have been spotted in attics and basements.

If you are having a chipmunk problem, do not wait another minute before contacting a professional.  Call Indiana Critter Catchers for affordable chipmunk removal rates at 317-855-TRAP (8727).


Congregating geese can cause a number of problems. Damage to landscaping can be significant and expensive to repair or replace, while large amounts of excrement can render swimming areas, parks, golf courses, lawns, docks, and patios unfit for human use. Since they are active grazers, they are particularly attracted to lawns and ponds located near apartment complexes, houses, office areas and golf courses. Geese can rapidly denude lawns, turning them into barren, dirt areas.

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Fox become a problem when their feeding leads them to gardens, livestock or pets. As people build ponds stocked with fish, turtles and other live animals, fox will find these areas and quickly learn to feed on the bounty. Small vulnerable pets are no match for a wild fox. Both cats and dogs are easy prey as well as all the birds, squirrels and chipmunks around the bird feeder. If you are seeing a lot of activity by a local fox, be careful. They have been known to carry the rabies virus as well as other disease. Remember, a fox is not a “dog” which wants to be petted and you should never feed them intentionally. Because of the damage they do, fox need to be controlled in many situations. This can be done with the help of Indiana Critter Catchers.

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Groundhog control is necessary, as these nuisance animals, also known as woodchucks, can do some serious damage. Groundhogs can remove 700 pounds of soil to complete a 20 to 25-foot-long burrow with multiple chambers, which poses a serious threat to homes by damaging and undermining building foundations. In your garden, the groundhog seeks beans, peas, herbs, strawberries, pansies, and impatiens.

We offer groundhog removal services at Indiana Critter Catchers in Greenfield, Indiana.  If you notice big burrows on your property, or spot a groundhog, we can help.  For more information on groundhog removal services call us today at 317-855-TRAP (8727).


Getting rid of rabbits can be challenging.  Rabbits are furry and cute, but can chew through electrical wires and destroy beautiful gardens.  Our company offers the lowest rates in the industry with the most knowledgeable wildlife trappers.  If you see signs of rabbits on your property or in your home or business, call us today for rabbit removal services.

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Snake trapping and prevention is a job strictly for professionals like Indiana Critter Catchers because snake identification takes experience and knowledge. Snake identification should be done by a trained and educated professional who can detect a poisonous snake from a non-poisonous one. We have the proper equipment to capture and remove snakes from your home or property, and prevent them from intruding in the future. We are the snake removal experts, and are here to help with any snake removal.

If you think you may have a snake in your home or business, it is strongly recommended to call an animal removal service right away.  Call Indiana Critter Catchers today at 317-855-TRAP (8727) in Greenfield, IN to get rid of snakes!