Mole Problems?

Do You Have Mole Problems?


  • Moles do not hibernate
  • Moles are insectivores, eating insects and earthworms
  • star-nosed-mole-tentaclesLive a subterranean life


  • Raised ridges of turf or bare soil 3 in. wide X 2 in. high that run erratic. Density of three moles per acre; usually one per tunnel system
  • Mole hills indicate deeper tunnel below it


  • Tree Damage— Mole tunnels may serve as runways for voles, field mic, and others that may feed on roots
  • Moles produce erratic and extensive feeding ridges in turf with occasional, fist-sized conical mounds
  • Rarely moles feed on bulbs and roots of flowers and garden crops
  • Insect-foraging activity and tunnels may cause drying of roots
  • Lawn Damage— Raised ridges may cause temporary drying to death of turf and impede lawn care operations
  • Structural Damage— extremely rare. Water diversion through mole tunnels may occur
  • Agricultural Damage— Little or local effects on root crops

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